The Creighton 

Research Laboratory

Established January 2021

Drexel University

The realization of the potential societal benefits
of a new technology
depends on its ability to be sustainably scaled and manufactured.

The performance of any manufactured article is inherently controlled by the properties of the materials used.  Here in the Creighton group, our research interests lie in developing fundamental understanding of  interactions at material interfaces and determining how system characteristics are affected by different processing conditions. This allows us to work on  developing industrially-relevant techniques that maximize performance of a product while minimizing environmental impact of the process by which it is made, creating frameworks for sustainable and scalable manufacturing. Key topics of interest include life cycle assessment, adoption of greener feedstock materials, and valorization of waste products.

Our technical areas of interest:

Particle Technology

Immiscible Liquids

Industrial Scale Technology

Green Manufacturing

Surface Science

Wetting Behavior


Recycling and Waste Minimization

Layered and 2D Materials

Carbon Materials

Colloid Science

and more!

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